pourquoi ne pas l'essayer You may find that a medical cost sharing co-op is right for you and your family.  For many it is a more affordable way to cover medical expenses.

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Medical Cost Sharing organizations allow their members to share each other’s medical bills.  The Sharing plans are NOT INSURANCE; however, they often cover much or all of a member’s eligible medical bills when unexpected health care events occur.  These plans are not for everyone, but they are worth researching.  Take a close look at how they work and consider pairing this with a Direct Primary Care doctor.  Below are links to several of the top Medical Cost Sharing Co-Ops in the United States.


Liberty Health Share     https://www.libertyhealthshare.org/

Christian Healthcare Ministries     http://www.chministries.org/

Samaritan Ministries     https://www.samaritanministries.org/

Medi-Share     https://mychristiancare.org/medi-share/

Altrua Health Share     https://altruahealthshare.org/

Solidarity Healthshare     http://www.solidarityhealthshare.org/