These membership organizations provide vital support and information for DPC and other direct-pay health care facilities.  If you are a DPC clinic or considering the DPC model for your own career you will find the links below very helpful.

DPC Alliance

The Direct Primary Care Alliance (DPCA) is a grassroots organization providing vision, leadership, and guidance to the DPC community through physician-led education, mentorship, advocacy, and organizational intelligence.  Here are some key aspects of what this organization is about:

  • Supports the physician-to-physician mentorship model
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for DPC best practices
  • Will provide its members special discounts on goods and services
  • Leading the charge for fair and transparent pricing in healthcare
  • Will also grow awareness of the DPC model


Free Market Medical Association

Free Market Medical Association (FFMA) promotes transparency in healthcare.  Their web site is designed to match a willing buyer with a willing seller of valuable healthcare services.  Check out their site to find a local chapter or to become a member.  To learn more about the free market health care movement you can view FMMA conference videos here.